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Fintech: what is and what types of companies exist

Fintech is here to stay. They currently represent about 5% of the banking service and their development is being very rapid. Both banks and also new companies are creating fintech activities by giving innovation, a far better customer experience. The term fintech comes from the English words Finance and also Technology, and describes all those… Read More »Fintech: what is and what types of companies exist

Benchmarking Methodology

If you are to create a benchmarking report or study, whether to present it internally or externally, there are some steps you should consider and follow if to mimetize the best practices of this methodology Project Steps Your project team should closely define the project scope and intent to define specific areas to cover in… Read More »Benchmarking Methodology

Partner – Federal Credit Union Benchmarking Association

FCUsource, has established several partnerships since its creation in order to provide best in class sources and information that can be used by our users, and that can’t be found anywhere in the internet. For the specific case of Benchmarking studies, reports and news, specifically to the Credit Union sector, we’ve partnership with Federal Credit… Read More »Partner – Federal Credit Union Benchmarking Association
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