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Partner – Federal Credit Union Benchmarking Association

Federal Credit Union Benchmarking Association

FCUsource, has established several partnerships since its creation in order to provide best in class sources and information that can be used by our users, and that can’t be found anywhere in the internet. For the specific case of Benchmarking studies, reports and news, specifically to the Credit Union sector, we’ve partnership with Federal Credit Union Benchmarking Association, dedicated exclusively to provide relevant info in the best practices when doing a benchmarking study, whatever is your sector. We identify here what do they offer, serving as sub-product in terms of information to our website users.

Federal Credit Union Benchmarking Association

The Federal Credit Union Benchmarking Association is dedicated to the analysis and improvement of business processes in the credit union industry. Through the exchange of data gathered in benchmarking surveys, members will be able to benefit from the experience of many companies in the industry. Membership is open to individuals employed as permanent employees of companies in the credit union industry.

To identify “Best in Class” business processes, which, when implemented, will lead member companies to exceptional performance as perceived by their customers

Benchmarking Databases

Tap into our existing databases of over 300 studies that are available to assist in jump-starting your benchmarking efforts. Since no database can cover all needs, we also support more customized research activities.

The Benchmarking Network has conducted over 3,000 site visits with companies to collect best practice information.

Real Benchmarking

Benchmarking how it should be done; not just data but real people in face-to-face process discussions. Our process includes:

  • Enlisting major global corporations
  • Gathering databases of details and comparable measures
  • Collecting detailed process information
  • Identifying best practices and performers
  • Face to face site visits with “Best Practice” companies

Online Survey

We conduct a number of online surveys in a variety of topics.  Currently, we are looking for both survey sponsors and participants.

  • Sponsors define their own survey and topics
  • Member participants can fill out surveys and receive results online in real time.